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Arrest Me (Before I Write Again)

Arrest Me - before I write again

Arrest Me – 4 short stories

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Each story in Arrest Me (before I write again) blends longing and rage, heartbreak and disdain. These characters move toward crises step by step, unable to avoid traps set largely by themselves A routine domestic betrayal, a cop unpinioned after being shot on duty, these four short stories are about people stretched to their limits, living counterfeit lives, often exploding into violence.


Saving Gloria

Raymond believed that if he married the gorgeous troubled Gloria, thirty-one years his junior, he could save her from a life on the fringe and almost certain jail time. He soon discovers that dealing with her obsessions might just be a full time job.

Serial Killer Heaven

An ordinary housewife moves into the suburbs and murders begin to happen, drawing her ever deeper into her obsession with serial killers. Intrigued and terrified, she begins to imagine the next crime scene, watching, waiting, until finally, she comes upon a crime-in-progress.

House by the Sea

A prose poem about an intense friendship between two women and the fine line between attachment and obsession.  Is it possible to create a perfect world in a house by the sea? What happens when someone intrudes on their jealously guarded intimacy?

Night Driving

A cop shot on duty is at loose ends. Cynical and withdrawn, he befriends a woman in his rundown building and they embark on a long car journey and discover each other in ways neither could have imagined.



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2 comments for “Arrest Me (Before I Write Again)

  1. Cindy Arrighi
    February 21, 2015 at 4:08 pm

    Hi Jessica,
    I’m the one at the Big Pine Key writers group that has a lot of
    work to do on my cathartic writing…I’m working hard to figure out
    what to do with that piece, so I’m reading lots of others stuff.
    Love the words, “jealousy guarded intimacy”.
    See you soon!

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