Jessica Argyle

346 Beaconsfield Blvd,
Beaconsfield, Quebec
(514) 630-6415
[email protected]

Languages:	English, French (spoken)
Experience:	Copywriting, Editing, Advertising, Literary, Technical Articles,
		Patent Applications, Grant & Business Proposals, Press Releases
Technical:	Framemaker 6.0, Microsoft Office, Netscape, WP 9.0, PowerPoint
Education:	M.A. - English/Creative Writing - Concordia University
Interests:	Fiction Writing, Reading, True Crime, Travel, Gardening
Memberships:	Writers Union, Beaconsfield Horticulural Society
Internet:	Mistress of the domain

Achievements and Attributes

On-line, real-time English language consulting
Over 500 advertisements written for the Internet
Founded GoreCanada to encourage Canadians to vote for Al Gore.
Covered a pharmaceutical conference - summarized expert reports and FDA replies
Contributing editor/writer for comprehensive resource book on Canadian construction industry
Editor and founder of award-winning literary Internet magazine: "it's a bunny"
Created & developed imprimateur for established publishing company
Editor and co-writer of two articles for "Sys Admin - the journal for UNIX sys admins" (U.S.)
Edited the patent for, and documentation of, a point-of-sale fundraising system
Obtained loans, goods and services for a newly incorporated production company
Secured grants for deserving individuals who had previously been overlooked
Published fiction pieces in critically acclaimed literary journals
Wrote articles promoting local business for a tourism magazine in Nepal
Jewellery design; travel and importation from Asia, sales in Montreal

Brief Summary of Experience

July 2001-OngoingOnline English grammar specialist for ESL site
July 2001-OngoingInstructor & designer of assorted creative workshops
November 2000Founder of GoreCanada.
99-OngoingCommunications and director of charitable donations for BB4 Technologies
August 99Correspondent for "Validation Times"
August 98Contributing editor for reference book
March 97 & Jan 98Edited two articles for publication in "Sys Admin" magazine
Oct 96 - Dec 98Communications Director for Electronic Direct Marketing
96-97 NetGuide and I-Way 500 awards for "it's a bunny"
96-97 Short stories published in "paperplates" and "Moosehead Anthology"
March 96 (ongoing)Launched "it's a bunny"
Aug. 94Grant proposal writer/marketing - Together As One Productions
Jun. 93 Creative assistant - "The Virtual Rendering System"
Jan. 85 - Jan. 87Writer for "Enjoy Nepal", Jewellery design for Eclipse Enterprises

Writing Samples and References Available Upon Request

last updated 29 October 2001